All About Me

I am a thirty-three year old virgin on purpose, not by accident. I want sex; in fact I am convinced that I need it. Am I allowed to say that? Am I wrong for thinking that?

Some people think I am controversial, others love my honesty. But really, I just like talking about sex- The good stuff, the way it is supposed to happen- in marriage.

For the majority of my life (and still today) I have been the center of bets and jokes simply because I am a virgin. Here’s the thing, I know exactly what I am “missing out on” by waiting. I know the kind of sex girls have with their boyfriends, and I know that I don’t want to have that kind of sex.

I grew up reading relationship books and listening to abstinence speakers, over and over again it was drilled into my head, “don’t have sex; sex is bad.” I don’t know how it was possible to fall while asleep reading a book about sex, but I did. Why? Because no one was really talking about sex. So I began researching and I began writing. After all, I haven’t waited this long for nothing.

Some people know that the Bible says to save sex for marriage, but many don’t realize that it says much more than that. I was shocked to learn that the Bible talks about good, godly, arousing sex (between a husband and his wife).

I have been speaking to audiences for over thirteen years and love every minute of it. Since my book NO SEX IN THE CITY was released, I have appeared on TV and Radio, been the featured personality in Magazines, Newspapers, and Keynote Speaker for various youth and singles conferences.

In a nutshell, I love teaching the truth about godly sex, lies about virgins, purity, and my two cents on dating and relationships.

Random Facts About Me:

* I grew up riding horses

* I have one younger sister who I love to mess with
J(she is not a “touchy-feely” person – so I give her extra long hugs just so she knows that I love her)

* I gave my life to Jesus when I was three

* I have made my mom take me to get baptized four times by the age of 12
J(I wanted to make sure God knew I was serious)

* I have a nephew who is so awesome!

* I am passionate about helping people have godly, selfless, lasting, fun marriages

* My mom & step-dad taught me that when you place God in the center of your marriage –
JAWESOME things happen

* One of the most exciting things I have ever done was swim in the ocean with 300 dolphins

* I love to boogie board, play in the pool, eat s’mores, watch romantic comedies,
J(And of course write & speak, and I LOVE doing interviews)

* I love to make my dad laugh – even though I know I am not as funny as he thinks I am

* I love to match-make

* I love to pray for specific requests and thank God when He answers them!

* I would rather try and fail and get laughed at by everyone than never try at all

* I love to trust God with my life – He is more creative and adventurous than I am

* In college I used to eat so much food that I won bets in eating contests with several O-Lineman

* I frequently laugh at myself

* When I was 14, a freshman in high school, I decided I wanted to learn golf and play on the LPGA tour.
JBy 18 I was a recruited to play for the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!)

* I hate the color red – I don’t own or wear anything RED. Why?
JBecause RED is the color of the Nebraska Cornhuskers – Our #1 football rival in college

* I am extremely competitive (but a nice loser when I don’t win)

* I love sushi and all kinds of amazing food; I love to eat.

* Exercise is my stress reliever and it makes me feel so alive!

* I don’t drink coffee or tea. My theory: if I am tired, go back to sleep.
JCoffee is expensive, addicting, stains your teeth and makes your belly bigger. I’ll pass.

* I am am morning person – I usually wake up at 4:45 to work out before work

* Country line-dancing makes me happy

* When I get nervous before a speaking engagement, book signing,  or an interview,
JI listen the ELF soundtrack to forget about my nervousness

* I don’t own very many shoes, clothing, or accessories, but I am good and mixing and matching

* Up until five years ago, every time I stepped into a mall it made me nauseous –
JI hated shopping until I became a fashion consultant!

* I am extremely old-fashioned!

* I am kind of a health nut

* I really desire to leave a godly legacy and I pray that my life will help others know, love, and trust Jesus!