Jon and Lindsey on ABC’s The View

My boyfriend and I were asked to be on ABC’s The View to talk about our experience on TLC’s Virgin Diaries. Given the fact that I (Lindsey Isham), am a 33-year-old virgin and the fact that Jon (Jon Graves) is a widower, they wanted to know why we were saving sex until marriage.

We believe sex is sacred and holy and we are both waiting to have sex (until we get married) because God says to and we trust that He will continue to bless us for waiting. God has already blessed us and our relationship in so many ways that you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

There is more to marriage than sex, although that is one perk I am personally looking forward to, it should not be the foundation of our relationship. Bottom-line, I have want to leave a legacy that hopefully encourages people to trust God and experience the full reward that He has planned for those who love Him.


Lindsey Nicole Isham is a national speaker and author of the book No Sex in the City, the brutally honest and often hilarious story of Lindsey’s quest for sexual purity in the face of a sexually-saturated society. Lindsey is a 33-year-old relationship guru, the ultimate girly-girl, and a PR junky. Read more about her at lindseyisham.com, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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