‘Family Day’ the Old Fashioned Way

One of the best things a family can do together is play together. If you haven’t done this in awhile, or if you have never done this, it might be awkward at first.

Some of your family members might even temporarily HATE you for making them spend time together, but they desperately need that time with you.

Today’s family is so busy running from one soccer practice to the next that they hardly spend any quality time together. And since the average 9-year-old has a cell phone, although your family may all be in the same room at the same time, you might not be experiencing quality communication and bonding.

My suggestion, turn off all of the phone, computers, etc. and get outside and enjoy the fact that we live in San Diego.

My challenge to you is this:

Today, spend a couple hours with your family outside doing something that doesn’t cost anything (aside from gas money to get there).

Drive to a beach and look for sea shells, go for a walk, ride your bikes and scooters, throw a ball, go for an adventure, a night hike, play a game of Wiffle baseball at a park, or street tennis.

If you haven’t been active like this, you will all be a little tired and hungry, so to avoid fights breaking out in the afternoon, make sure everyone has had enough to eat and a nap if needed.

Start building in “old fashioned” play time with your kids, talk to them, encourage them, and you will see something really great happen in your family and even in you.

About Lindsey Isham

Lindsey Isham has been working with singles for over thirteen years and has traveled nationwide, speaking to audiences ranging from junior high girls to collegiate women about relationships and sexual purity.

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  • SK
    March 19, 2012 | Permalink |

    Encouraging article.

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