Men: 3 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Sweetheart

Most guys don’t really understand why Valentine’s Day is such a big deal to women, which is fine, unless you like the woman you are with…

Consider these fun and creative gift ideas as an alternate to the usual card and chocolate routine.

Women tend to thrive off of romantic gestures and I am going to help you figure out how to make a lasting impression with your Valentine’s Day gift this year.

First let me clarify what is considered “romantic.” When a guy is thoughtful, kind, sensitive, and loving towards the woman he loves, that is romantic.

For example, when he makes sure to walk on the part of the sidewalk that is closest to the street. When he opens her car door, or remembers to ask about deadlines and projects she mentioned she was working on, etc.

A Valentine’s Day date naturally raises the expectation, but take my advice and your relationship will be better for it.

Regardless of what you get her, be sure to personalize your gift and be creative.

#1 Jewelry

If you plan to get your girlfriend/wife jewelry, add a personal touch to it by engraving her nick-name or an endearing phrase into the jewelry.

I don’t recommend buying jewelry unless the relationship has been going for awhile; giving jewelry too soon can send mix messages to a woman.

#2 Make her a gift bag

Does she like to pamper herself? Get a nice looking basket/bag and fill it with bath salts, lotions, nail polish, and anything else you have noticed that she really loves to do to spoil herself. You could even through in a gift certificate to a day spa for a massage.

Does she love to cook? Buy her a new cookbook, hot pads, aprons and a few fun dessert mixes. (Crate & Barrel or Williams-Sonoma have a lot of options for something like this). Be careful with this one, don’t buy her things that YOU want her to cook for you…

#3 Write her a poem and make her a CD

Women love to know what men are thinking and WHY he likes her. Write a short poem or paragraph telling your woman what she means to you and put together a few various kinds of candy (in a gift box) that mirror your writings.

For example, if you write, “I love how you make me laugh,” then include Laffy Taffy in the gift package and tape a note on it that says, “Thanks for always making me laugh.”

Here is a list of a few various kinds of candy to help get you started.

Another thing to add to this gift is a personalized CD (that you make for her) comprised of songs that she loves and songs that remind you of her.

Bonus Idea:

The majority of women LOVE flowers, so be sure to buy her some in addition to the gift you pick. But instead of just showing up with the flowers when you pick her up for your date, send them to her in the morning with a sweet note letting her know that you are excited to see her later.

If you especially want to impress her, leave them on her door-step (so she sees them before she goes to work) or have them delivered to her office.

**Costco is a GREAT place to both pre-order and deliver your flowers (at an amazingly low price) or you can even pick them up yourself**

Basically, all you need to do is figure out what she likes and get crazy with it! If you aren’t sure what she likes, check out her Facebook or Pinterest page, or ask her best-friend.

Lindsey Nicole Isham is a national speaker and author of the book No Sex in the City, the brutally honest and often hilarious story of Lindsey’s quest for sexual purity in the face of a sexually-saturated society. Lindsey is a 32-year-old relationship guru, the ultimate girly-girl, and a PR junky. Read more about her at lindseyisham.com, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Lori Mohr
    June 12, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    If you have the funds, take her some place “sweet”– I once did Orlando, Florida’s “Sweet Escape House”- -it’s all about candy, chocolate, etc;

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