4 Ways to Keep Your Man Always Wanting More!

Women can have a certain power over men when it comes to enticing and seducing them… but usually women use the wrong things to seduce men, thus they draw the wrong kind of man.

Discover how to attract the right kind of man and how to keep him always wanting more!

#1 Just say “No”

A woman who has high boundaries is more than a challenge, she is someone who respects herself; men are attracted to this kind of woman. When you respect your body and value it, men will too. Save sex and sexual intimacy for your spouse.

#2 Leave A Lot for the Imagination and Honeymoon

What you wear can draw and entice a man to you… but when you dress like a prostitute, don’t be surprised when you are surrounded by pimps.

God wants us to be godly, feminine women and there is a way to dress trendy without “flashing our cash.”

Check your motives for wearing the clothes you wear – if it is to gain the attention of men, realize that you are probably doing more harm than good, because the guys you REALLY want to have are often tempted or turned off by women who are scantily clad!

When deciding on outfits to wear, instead of showing off all your goods, keep them on reserve for your honeymoon, for the man who will cherish you for more than your chest size.

#3 Seek God with all your heart!
Godly men are attracted to a woman who has an amazing heart for God and people; these characteristics are attractive. A  woman who is actively seeking and serving within her gifts and boundaries, a woman who isn’t waiting for a husband to start pursuing her calling, is a VERY Attractive woman.

#4 Take care of your body.

Guys are visually stimulated; I can’t stress this enough… Ladies, it matters what you look like. You ought to have an amazing heart and great character but it is also important to take care of your body. By taking care of the way you look/dress, you open the door for a great guy to discover your heart!

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2 comments on “4 Ways to Keep Your Man Always Wanting More!

  1. sk
    May 26, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    So true, keep teaching that. Please check the last sentence of point # 3 – “a woman who ISN’T waiting for a husband to start pursuing her calling, is a VERY Attractive woman”. Did you mean to say “IS” instead of ISN’T? Otherwise we know what you are saying. Bless you!

  2. Lindsey Isham
    June 19, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Hi SK,

    It is written correctly… when a single woman pursues God and His calling on her life, that is very attractive. Some women feel that they shouldn’t pursue things they like until they get married… and I disagree. Each individual has more than one calling/ministry opportunities and we should not waste our singleness squandering our gifts simply because we are waiting to get married.


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