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Shy Guys: Do They Ever Ask Girls Out?


Ever been interested in a guy who was overly shy?

Ever thought you should ask him out instead of waiting for him to make the first move?

Yeah, me too.

My Freshman year of college there was this shy guy on the basketball team who caught my eye.  I played golf , we both had the same classes, tutors, and schedules, so we saw each other a lot.

I couldn’t tell if he liked me (I could never tell when any guy liked me, let alone a shy guy).

He was really sweet, made me laugh, and he was really good looking!  One day during study hall I thought, you should just ask him out already. What’s the big deal anyway?

Shy guys need a little help asking girls out.

I  thought about asking him out, but in the end I decided not to and here’s why.

I need a man, who, even if he is shy, will take risks and be bold enough to ask me out. I need a confident man. And if God is ever telling a man to ask me out, and for one reason or another the guy doesn’t ask me out, well, that is between him and God.

I need a man who will do something that God tells him to do even when it seems hard, scary, or when it makes him nervous.

Seriously, if a guy doesn’t have enough guts to ask me out, he is not going to be courageous enough to date me and do other adventurous things with me in the future.

The same is true for you.

During my Junior year,  that guy who I had a crush on, finally asked me out.  He was still shy, but what I didn’t know was that he wasn’t walking with the Lord during my freshman year.

He said he liked me and wanted to date me, but he had the fear of God in him.  He and all the other guys knew that I was a woman of God, so he never tried to ask me out.

God has protected me from men (who would try to corrupt me)  in a lot of different ways, one of those ways is by telling them not to ask me out.

Just because a guy is shy, it doesn’t mean you need to ask him out.

Let guys pursue you and never settle. All the shy guys I knew in college got asked out by girls all the time, but when they really wanted to date a girl, they would ask her out.

This may sound odd or confusing, but the next time you think you need to ask out a shy guy, wait.  Your dateless lifestyle may actually be a blessing right now. Thank God for all the ways He is protecting you and keeping you pure!

Remember this: God doesn’t need your help, but He asks for your love, obedience, and trust.

Coming Soon: “How To Get Asked Out by a Shy Guy”

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