How To Increase The Romance: Secrets That Every Guy Needs To Know!

Michael Buble or Connick Jr. on the stereo, lights down low, fireplace going, a cozy two-seater chair, homemade chocolate covered strawberries and the fixin’s for smores tucked away as a surprise, and nothing but time to talk about your hopes and dreams…

This is the good stuff! This is what people should be doing on a Friday night!

It’s funny, if you have ever watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, these “romantic” date scenes happen almost every night… well, usually they have a hot-tub too, but whatever.

So about those romantic secrets:
Regardless of the activity:  Whether it’s a  stay-at-home dinner & movie night, dancing, a tour of a museum… Call your woman right now and get at least one thing on the calendar for you two to do together this week.

Here’s why, when you make it a priority to schedule something with your woman, she will feel like a priority, she will feel valued, and you won’t be able to pay her to stop smiling.

Oh, and if she likes surprises, do something small like buy her a cupcake and it will make her week!

If you really want to be super romantic (gosh, this stuff is probably sounding so elementary but this stuff totally works) call her during her work day just to say hi and to find out how her day is going. It can be a three minute conversation, but it will mean the world to her. If she doesn’t pick up, leave a message.

Guys usually don’t understand why this stuff means so much to us women, but what these things show us that you are thinking about us and thinking about how to bless us… and that’s really all every woman wants in a man.

I promise you that this stuff, these small, simple, inexpensive secrets will skyrocket the romance in your relationship!

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