The Three Words That Change Your Life Forever

“I love you.”

paris kiss

Ahh, how three words can change your life forever.
I can hear the French music in the background and see the city lights twinkling in the cold Paris night. It feels as if the world has stopped as I gaze into the eyes of  the one I love and hear him say, “I love you.”  Life doesn’t get any better than this…

Enough about my daydreams, back to reality…

The three words, “I love you,” can be a complicated thing in a relationship.  For a lot of people, this phrase is guarded by unspoken rules and if you break those rules, well, the relationship has a minimal to low survival rate.

Who is allowed to say it and when? Who should say it first? How often can you say it? Some people overuse this phrase; they say they love everything, so it is perceived as less meaningful.  Some don’t say it enough and it leaves the other person wondering about his commitment to the relationship.

How soon is too soon to say something like this to another person? How long does it take to realize that these feelings are genuine and not just a crush? Whether or not you realize it, there are unspoken rules about these three words in a dating relationship.

In past relationships I have told guys that I loved them, and at the time I meant it.  God showed me things to appreciate and love about those guys, so expressed it. But today I realize how many different levels of love there really are.  Honestly, I thought I knew what love was… until recently.  A few months ago I met a man who has become my best friend. Since we met, one way that I see God’s expression of love for me… is through my friendship with this man.

When love like this exists, it is almost impossible to keep it bottled in.  Almost daily I accidentally say those three words; I can’t help it.  The more I get to know him, the more I love about him… but I am refraining from verbalizing it with the magical three words because I kinda want him to say it first!

So for now I will wait for my “Paris” moment and daily try to display my love with my actions.

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One comment

  1. Eric S
    February 2, 2010 at 8:25 am

    Thankfully we can use the Spirit that lives dwells within us to help us to distinguish between crush and love! Friends that we love are one of the important parts of a marriage too.

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