bar scenesPraise God I don’t have to rely on meeting guys in bars in order to get a date.
I had never really been to a bar before, so a few months ago I decided to go with my friend Kristen… I wanted to see what the hype was about. This place had nice architecture details, cozy booths, and flat screens TV’s  on every wall exhibiting the excitement of sporting events.  The owner came up to us and introduced himself. I felt a little weird being in a bar.

Let’s be real here…most people go to bars to “hook up.”  That was  not why I went.  Actually the event was anti-climactic.  We walked in, I had a glass of water, I did a little people watching, tried to find guys who were godly, hot, and tall for Kristen, then we left.

One thing I thought was weird was that no guys tried to talk to us.  Kristen is hot, and I am not ugly… All in all, I am glad that I can meet guys at bbq’s and church events.  Seriously, every time friends ask me to hang out at church functions, I see hot guys.  That is totally exciting!

Bar scenes are definitely over-rated, just keepin’ it real.


meeting-menDoes it ever feel like all the “good ones” are taken?

If they aren’t taken, they are in hiding. Where do you find a good guy?  When I think of meeting  single, godly, handsome men, I think of the last time I played hide & seek with my nephew.

Two years ago my nephew, Jaden, came to visit me in California. I love when he visits me! A few of us decided to play hide and seek. At first I hid in easy-to-find spots because I wasn’t sure how good he would be at the game. We took turns hiding and for the last round, I got to hide. I am good at hiding.

I found the best spot ever! I snuck into the office and managed to wedge myself under a side table that had a table linen on it.

I actually didn’t think that my spot was that good, but after hiding for thirty minutes and still not being found, I realized it was a very good spot.

The “seekers” came in and out of the room twice, but no one found me.  Once my nephew even lifted up the table cloth, but I lifted up my feet so he wouldn’t see me. When they were sick of looking for me, they walked around the house yelling, “Linds, time to come out now.” When I came out and told them where I was hiding we all thought it was funny.

Sometimes meeting men feels like our game of hide & seek. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what your “type” is, it always feels like men are in hiding. It often seems like “all the good ones are taken.”

Although I don’t expect to find a godly, handsome man in my closet, I do think it should be easier to meet good men.

The next time you think that all the good ones are taken or in hiding, remember my hide-and-go-seek game with my nephew… all the ones in hiding eventually come out, and someday you too will be able to laugh about the journey.

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